Hi I’m Jason! I created Public Design Vault to help folks working at the intersection of design and public good to find the right design tools for their project.

Public Design Vault is a curated directory of 500+ design tools & resources for public good. It is an all-in-one, a full-stop one-stop, a mother list of lists, a singularity for the plethora of toolkits and resources that are available on the vast internet. I had included all the well-known usual suspects but also tried to throw in a few diamonds in the rough.


Who is Public Design Vault for

These resources are great for folks working at the intersection of human-centered design, innovation and public/social impact. You might be a:

  • UX designer creating an app that serves vulnerable groups,
  • social worker planning programs for your local community,
  • manager of an in-house government design team,
  • organizational change expert trying to bring citizen-centered transformation to your workplace,
  • civil servant charged with driving public service innovation


Why Public Design Vault

By day, I run Outsprint, a design consultancy dedicated to innovating public policy and social service using human-centered design. All my clients are from the public and people sector – government organisations, non-profits, charities. As a designer myself, I often fall back on the usual suspects of tools and methods working on projects with my clients. While it’s great for expediency and quality, things can feel pretty stagnant after a while. I realised that I’m also missing out on new learning opportunities of best practices available out there if I always keep to a tried and tested approach. Yet it takes too much effort to seek out new inspiration from so many sources scattered across the vast universe of the internet. The last thing you want to do when on a tight project timeline is to get lost in the internet time sink!

What if there was this one-stop place online where I can just do a quick scan of the array of tools available for the design phase that I’m in? This site is as much as for myself as for others in my situation – to help me easily find new inspiration on tools for my project, and ultimately, be a better design thinker. The good thing about this site is that these resources are not restricted to experienced practitioners. Folks who are new to design thinking will probably find this even more useful!

I wrote more about why I made the Vault here: https://jasonleow.sg/377/public-design-vault/


How to use this site

Some use cases for this site might be:

  • you’re new to design thinking and would like to apply it to your work
  • you’re starting out on a new project and want to explore new ways to approach it using design thinking
  • your existing service/program is not working, the numbers are not coming in and you need to inject a fresh perspective
  • prior to a workshop, you’re planning the structure and agenda for the workshop participants and could save time by adopting some templates
  • there’s new findings from your design research that requires you to explore new themes using different tools
  • you’re an experienced practitioner but want to stay inspired and keep updated on new best practices


What do we mean by “design tools for public good”?


  • human-centered design
  • UX design
  • civic design
  • design thinking
  • design research
  • ethnographic research
  • behavioural design
  • can imply the entire design process or parts of it
  • can include design-related skills, mindsets or qualities, e.g. creativity, empathy
  • can include adjacent fields like ethnography, social innovation, behaviourial insights, lean startup



  • online or offline
  • templates
  • sort cards
  • frameworks
  • apps
  • websites
  • blogs
  • toolkits
  • (e-)books
  • case studies
  • journal articles
  • magaizines
  • online articles/blog posts
  • slides/presentations (e.g. on Slideshare)
  • newsletters
  • reports
  • videos
  • interviews
  • podcasts
  • online courses


Public good:

  • the happy things that happen (aka social impact) when public/social issues are solved (e.g. poverty, traffic congestion, racism, healthcare)
  • mostly work that’s related to the public and people sector, governments, NGOs, charities and non-profit organisations

Know a great tool that's missing here? Tell us!


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Design tools for public good, all in one place.

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